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LED Solutions >> Indoor Lights

led-Indoor-Lights,POS billing machines in Tamilnadu Key Features
They are known for extremely low power consumption and are resistant to shock and vibration. Easy installation and their eco-friendly nature is a hallmark of this product. They are equipped with one high power LED for optimum results. Their application in commercial and public places, hotels and shops makes it a very versatile product. Extremely low maintenance costs combined with efficient heat dissipation mechanisms results in quick pay back

LED Solutions >> Panel Lights

LED-Panel-Lights,Solar panels in chennai Key Features
Panel lights are the most elegant and sophisticated LED lighting systems. Neev Energy manufactures panels in various sizes and shapes with different light emitting colors. The light emitted is soft, cool and has a wide directional span. Panel lights are available in various designs and dimensions to go with its ultra slim dimensions. They can be virtually used anywhere due to their ultra thin dimensions and light weight. Our panel lights ranges from 8W to 72W.

LED Solutions >> LED Bulbs

led-LED-Bulbs,LED bulbs in chennai Key Features
The LED PAR Lamps are designed as direct one-for-one replacements of traditionally inefficient incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs. Sleek aluminium housing and pleasing designs offer the latest in LED technology to bring energy efficient lighting to any residential or commercial application. The lamp is compatible with all 110-240 volt dimmers and provides both general lighting and/or the perfect mood setting when dimmed.

LED Solutions >> Tube Lights

ed-Tube-Lights,POS billing machines in chennai Key Features
Neev Energy offers complete ready solutions for conventional tube lights with a plug and play facility. The tube lights are available in two and four feet length in T5 and T8 varieties with the common colour emitting options. Our solutions have been perfected keeping in mind the constraints of size and design of a tube light. With the built in driver, it offers easy installation and up keep.

LED Solutions >> Street Lights

led-Street-Lights,Solar panels in Tamilnadu Key Features
Neev Energy has indigenously designed and developed cost effective and LED Street lights with designs and technology to replace the conventional sodium vapour fixtures. Our street lights have evolved with time to enable quick adoption by related agencies. Strict manufacturing norms are followed to produce international quality standard products. Fixture design, optics, heat dissipation are paid attention to details so as to make our LED street lights a very compelling option for conventional lights. Use of street lights with the right parameters ensures safety, convenience and mobility

LED Solutions >> Wall Washers

led-Wall-Washer,LED bulbs in Tamilnadu Key Features
Wall washers create attractive landscape illumination to accentuate our visual sense. Subtle lighting creates a completely refreshed environment ornamenting the existing landscape. Such stimulations are widely used for both commercial & residential applications. Keeping in mind the application, they come with intensive design sense, best quality alloys and international standards.

LED Solutions >> Strip Lights

led-Strip-Lights,POS billing machines in Tamilnadu Key Features
LED strip lights can be used and installed where no other solution can be implemented. The flexible nature of our strip lights enthuse great ideas and lighting innovations. Strip lights are available in all possible light colours including RGBs. Apart from cove lighting, our water proof strip lights can be used for both indoor and outdoor solutions.
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